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“Hi Aliza! How are you! The summer has finally come to Prague – I am happy. Listen – I don’t know if this is because of your “magic” or just because of the holidays – but my relationship with “E” is 100% better, I am also much more patient mother and more calm person. Thank you! 🙂 L.”
“Dear Aliza, Thank you, thank you, I had been suffering from my  migraine headaches for a long time and after your amazing treatments I no longer have to suffer!  D.”
           “Aliza, Thank you for your golden touch! B”
“The minute felt your energy, I knew I was in good hands, thank you for a wonderful treatment!:)A”
“I have had a lot of treatments in my life, yours relaxes me, Thank you. N”


” If you give half the treatment to any of your patients would be enough because with me you gave more than I expected in your acupuncture sessions. You have taught me a lot on how to deal with my stress and anxiety in a more productive way!! Thank you for giving it your all with me!! You are my life saver!!! A”

Aliza Zisman L.Ac.

East West California Center

424 382-5951

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