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Repressed Emotional Blocks

“For years, I had been living with a heavy burden of repressed emotional blocks that manifested as emotional pain, physical pain and discomfort. Traditional therapies didn’t provide the relief I was seeking until Aliza’s treatments. Her skillful integration of acupuncture and BEB kinesiology allowed me to access and release those deeply buried emotions. Through her guidance and expertise, I’ve experienced a profound transformation. The weight on my shoulders has lifted, and I now feel a renewed sense of vitality and emotional freedom. Aliza’s compassionate care and dedication is a true gift.” Sandra M.

Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder

“I had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain and a frozen shoulder for months. The pain was excruciating and limited my range of motion. Desperate for relief, I sought help from Aliza Zisman, who came highly recommended. Her combination of acupuncture and BEB kinesiology proved to be a game-changer. Aliza’s gentle yet effective techniques helped alleviate my pain and gradually restore mobility to my shoulder. With each session, I could feel the progress. Today, I am pain-free, and my shoulder has regained its full range of motion. Aliza’s expertise and dedication to her craft are truly remarkable.” Rob S.