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Hi-Tech Acupuncture

Healing A Talented and Very Hard-Working Community!

Hi-Tech Acupuncture a Real Treat for the Hi-Tech Industry: We provide the answer for you and your company to improve productivity, reduce stress, improve posture, reduce eye stain, prevent wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck and back pain.



East West California offers a holistic approach for the Hi-Tech community to:

Improve your productivity!

Feel healthier and happier!

Reduce anxiety, mental exhaustion, tension, and brain fog!

Reduce your shoulder and neck tension!

Improve your sleep, and wake up alive!

Reduce pressure and stress from the Hi-tech industries demands to produce faster and better!

Feel more emotionally harmonious, feel your nervous stomach relax, and feel your mind more focused!

Learn how the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the cutting edge of natural science and research can offer you a path back to health and productivity.

Understand how to balance exhaustive work pressures but still maintain health and fulfillment in your personal emotional and physical life!

Learn how you as a bright and accomplished person can learn how to minimize feeling high-strung, anxious, to the point that you feel your heart beating frightfully fast!



Learn how to develop healthier patterns to reduce mental exhaustion and prevent health issues to affect work success!

If you want to change the cycle of exhaustion and return to your dynamic, productive, healthy self.

Please share with me what your concerns are using the contact form below.

We can then explore how to make a difference in your life, while you excel at work and feel fabulous again!


Aliza Zisman L.Ac

East West California  Center

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