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Healthy Weight-loss Acupuncture

Healthy Weight-loss Acupuncture

We need to be aware of our internal beauty, have the courage, determination, and perseverance to create, reach our potential, and love ourselves enough to achieve to be healthy and vibrant!



Acupuncture promotes weight loss and also enhances overall health, powerfully with spectacular benefits you can achieve in just 4 weeks between 8 to 12 sessions. If you want to lose weight and not damage yourself in the process, empower yourself with a life-changing and life saving benefits: lowering cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, improving digestion, reducing stress, and anxiety, while, transforming both physically and emotionally. Dr Zisman incorporates Body-Emotion Balancing therapies that aid in transforming Emotional Fat, unresolved or undigested emotions stored in our cell tissues, to healthy vibrant cells that support us to establish a well balanced steady Healthy Weight-loss with the assistance of Ear and Body Detox Acupuncture to reach our goals.

Healthy Weight-loss Acupuncture means…healthy living, no side effects, no surgeries, no starving yourself.

With Healthy Weight loss Acupuncture you can get a new way of life. A life that you will love! This is healthy weight loss at its very best, and it’s available at East West San Diego.

 Aliza Zisman L.Ac, NCCAOM

East West San Diego


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