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Fertility using Western and Chinese Medicine

How does Chinese Medical Theory Relate to Reproduction system

YANG= needed for ovulation to push the egg out connected to  the Progesterone hormone.

YIN= stimulates follicle development and it triggers hormones corresponding to the uterine lining health and assits the function of the cervical glands that produce mucus which corresponds to the Estrogen Hormone.

BLOOD= connected to menses and nourishes the endometrium.

JING= Essence inherited and stored in the kidneys called KIDNEY JING which comes from Kidney yin and yang. this essence  received by both parent healthy eggs and sperm vitality.

SHEN=Spiritual strength connected and controlled by the heart, connected to the brain and the nervous system. when the Shen is stable it allows the menstrual cycle to function and flow smoothly.

Fertility and Meridian/Organ relationships

Kidney Meridian: In charge of the endocrine, reproductive, neurological and skeletal systems.  It stores Kidney Jing, Yin and Yang and the root and support of all other organs.

Spleen Meridian:  Supports the digestive system holds blood and organs in place by transforming food to Qi and Blood. When the system is sluggish it creates Dampness and Phlegm in the body.

Liver Meridian:  Stores the blood and is responsible for the flow of Qi throughout the system needed for normal menstruation and ovulation.  When under stress  the flow of Liver Qi, can be impeded and affects the Liver meridian which flows towards the pelvis and reproductive organs. There Liver has a known connection in both Western and Eastern medicine to the metabolism and regulation of hormones. When the liver is stagnant a very common syndrome called Liver Qi Stagnation it can hinder a woman’s ability to adjust to the rapid hormone changes particularly after ovulation, which can result in PMS.

Heart Meridian (Bao vessel- “2 Hearts”):  Supports the discharge of eggs and the menstrual blood by the descend of Heart Qi and Blood to the uterus. The Chong, Ren and Du, are the three of the extraordinary vessels- related to the HPO (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian) axis, whom originate between the kidneys and flow through the uterus which are responsible for the inter-communication between the brain and ovaries during ovulation.

Ren Meridian:  Known as the Conception Vessel controls the menstrual cycle and plays an important role in conception and pregnancy as the Chong vessel. It originates between the kidneys and flows through the uterus to the perineum.

Du Meridian:  Known as the Governing Vessel which affects genital health as it circles the pubic bone and vagina. It also helps control hormonal fluctuation and the menstrual cycle.